Why strong branding is important in outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is only effective if it gets seen, and there are two factors in play with regards to that.

The first factor is location. In simplistic terms, if you put an advert in front of someone, there’s a strong chance they’ll see it. And if they don’t the first time, if you keep plugging away at it, then they will eventually (which is why you can often find billboards running the same advert along bus and train routes).

The second factor is the power of the advert itself. This is often determined by the ad design. Colourful, bold, and shocking ads (half-naked torsos, lips, underwear, etc.) are very likely to be seen. But strong branding plays an equally important role.

Strong branding in ads

Strong branding with outdoor advertising refers to how identifiable an advert is with a specific brand. For example, when you hear the phrase “have a break,” what do you think of? Kit Kat, are we right?

Or take for example Kevin Bacon (the actor). When you see his face on an advert, what do you immediately think of? EE, are we right?

Kit Kat and EE have their brand identity down to a fine artform, and they use this to their advantage with their outdoor advertising.

You can too.

Of course, your brand might not be as identifiable as Kit Kat or EE. In fact, you might not even be known in your local area. But companies like Carpet Right, and B&Q (which started life out as Block & Quayle in 1969) were once local too.

Branding, you see, is often a marathon. It doesn’t have to be a sprint.

Outdoor advertising works on the same principle. It’s an advertising format suited to boosting brand awareness, which leads to greater custom. This is especially powerful for local businesses – even the small ones.

What gives an advert pizzazz?

You don’t need to be Kit Kat or EE to utilise strong branding in your outdoor advertising. Use these four elements in your next ad to make it memorable:

  1. Prominent (LARGE) logo
  2. Prominent tagline, or motto
  3. Prominent brand colours and fonts
  4. Recognisable (consistent) imagery across campaigns

Outdoor ads with strong branding get a better response than those without. Strong branding builds trust with a customer base and establishes authority. By making your ads a key part of your brand strategy, you can get more out of them.

Consistency is also key

One of the most important aspects of branding outdoor ads is consistency.

As we’re sure you’re already aware, colours can be memorable and so too can slogans and imagery. If you change these too frequently, you can knock confidence in your brand because your customers will struggle to remember and resonate with it.

We recommend keeping your branding consistent. By all means change up your designs and try new things but keep the branding itself consistent.

Do this, and you’ll get better results.To find out more about our advertising and print services, please call us on 0370 242 2257 for a free, no obligation chat. Thank you.