Trailer Advertising Yorkshire

Drive by Media puts your advertising displays on the map. A passing glance is all it takes to raise brand awareness. That’s why trailer advertising in Yorkshire is so effective for regional brands. It gets people’s attention and if your business provides a more local service, there is no better way to get people through the door.
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Increase your brand message
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Attract your target audience
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Flexible trailer advertising campaigns


We make trailer advertising easy - you rent our trailer wrapped in your artwork which we then deliver anywhere in Yorkshire (we can recommend locations) and that’s that. No fuss, no hassle. The trailer will be wrapped by our own team and you can run a campaign for just a few hours to several months. We’re flexible..

We promise all our sites are exclusive to your campaign so no two messages will ever conflict. We have over 100 live sites to choose, including at the side of motorways, A-roads, dual-carriageways and coming into city centres.

Reach a wider audience


Think about it. The average motorway sees more than a thousand vehicles travel through every hour. Over the course of a single day, the M62 carries more than 20,000 vehicles and the new smart motorway is designed to carry up to 140,000. How else could you reach such a wide audience with a single piece of advertising?

Trailer advertising in Yorkshire is proven to increase brand awareness and with a good display it can get people to pick up the phone or visit you.

Our trailer advertising is available parked up (static) or mobile (moving) hitched to a pick-up. The latter option is perfect for advertising along a route rather than in one place.

To find out more about our trailer advertising, please call us on 0370 242 2257. We are based in Lindley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire on Lidget Street.