The Importance of Location in Static Trailer Advertising

As online advertising environments become more competitive, outdoor marketing solutions like static trailers give companies a unique way to stand out. Today’s consumers can easily block and ignore ads online, but it’s much harder to look away from a striking trailer when it’s right in front of you in the local environment.

Today, the popularity of static trailers and billboards is growing. You probably see these campaigns every day on the side of the road, capturing the attention of drivers, passers-by and potential customers. The question is, how do you make your advert stand out?

The easy answer: it’s all about location. Here’s why the effectiveness of static trailer advertising depends on the right location.

1. Attracting the Best Audience

The more people that you have naturally walking or driving past your static trailer each day, the more likely it is that you’ll end up attracting customers to your store. Researching the footfall and traffic count in your chosen area will give you an insight into the potential ROI (return on investment) for your campaign. The cost of placing your marketing campaigns in high-traffic areas may be a little higher than you expected to begin with, but you’ll have more opportunities to connect with the right people.

2. Control Your Demographics

The location you choose for your billboard will also have a significant impact on the kind of people that learn about your business. For instance, if you’re promoting a brand for teenagers and young adults, then it makes sense to place your static trailer near universities or colleges. On the other hand, putting an ad in a business park is more likely to attract professionals. Remember to research the kind of audience that’s most lucrative to your brand before you begin investing in your static trailer advertising strategies.

3. Visibility

A great static trailer can give you a high-impact form of advertising for a low cost. However, even the best campaigns can’t do much if your audience can’t see them. Choosing your location carefully will mean that you can ensure your message isn’t obstructed by anything. You’ll also be able to measure to make sure that your words are legible from the road or street. If they’re not, you might need to adjust the design of your trailer or look for an alternative location.

4. Bring People Directly to your Business

Sometimes, when you place a static trailer in the right location, it can lead to people finding their way directly to your business premises. If you’re trying to bring local people to your store for an upcoming sale for instance, then it makes sense to place your trailer a short distance away, with directions for your customers to follow.

If someone is excited or engaged by the offer you’re showcasing on your trailer, then they’ll be more likely to take a detour on their route and come and visit your store – particularly if you’re nearby. You’ve probably noticed countless fast-food restaurants taking advantage of this phenomenon in the past, with boards pointing to their closest location on the side of the road. You can use the same technique for your business.

5. Avoid the Clutter

Finally, choosing the right location for your billboard will also help you to make sure that you’re not going to face too much competition. No matter how impressive your business, product or advertisement is, it’s difficult for any customer to take in a number of different messages within a small space. If the area you’ve chosen for your billboard is already highly populated, then you might want to re-think your strategy.

If you decide that the location is worth the competition, then you’ll need to think of a way that you can make your imagery stand out from the crowd. Look at the designs that your competitors have used and ask yourself what you can do to make your trailer special. Remember, this is your chance to stand out.

If you’re ready to discover the benefits of using your own static trailer, contact Drive By Media today. We’ve helped companies to find their place on countless roads and pathways around the UK, and we’re sure to find the right location for you too.