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ROI for OOH: How to remove the guesswork and grow

We’re often asked how to measure Return on Investment with our OOH (Out Of Home) campaigns. 

Those three words have plagued marketers since the dawn of advertising – so we thought it would be useful to demystify the process and introduce you to the steps we’re taking to help you see results.

Our goal is to help you run campaigns confidently and make the most of every penny you spend.

How hard can measuring ROI be?

Surely, a number that reveals whether your investment is worth less or more than the resulting growth isn’t that hard to calculate. Is it?

If we all had crystal balls, marketing would be a piece of cake.

Spend £2,000 on a campaign, safe in the knowledge that you’ll get £3,000 in return. 

You already know it’s not that straightforward. This is especially true for OOH campaigns, where you may not have the luxury of sophisticated analytics, or indeed a crystal ball.

If you’ve been burned before, you’ll know the struggle. If you are new to OOH, you can probably already feel the board breathing down your neck.

So why do so many brands insist on OOH as part of their strategy?

The answer is quite simple. It works. Experience tells us it works. And the literature is clear it works. Continued exposure to brands increases our awareness of them. We start to recognise them, and they spring to mind when we need them. 

With its vast audience in targeted locations, OOH offers incredible potential for brand exposure. But quantifying its impact on your bottom line can seem like a daunting task.

So how can you begin to measure ROI?

We’ve helped countless businesses grow, so we understand this challenge intimately.

Unlike digital advertising, where it’s easy to track clicks and impressions, OOH requires a more nuanced approach to measure effectiveness.

If you wait until your campaign ends to see whether it’s had an impact, that’s a mistake. 

The simplest way to measure ROI for roadside advertising is by monitoring traffic, sales, or leads before your campaign goes live.

Easy techniques you can use


Create a unique code to track the number of people who use discount codes or vouchers from the outdoor ad to measure its success.


Set up a campaign-specific landing page and measure how many people visit it to determine its impact.


Survey visitors to your website and ask how they discovered your brand. This will help you build a picture of which channels are working best.

An ROI toolkit for every business

If you’re not set up to measure ROI yet, fear not.

We offer a range of packages to help you get more from every campaign you run, starting with improving your brand and online presence. From there, we can implement the technology you need to track and measure results.

Package 1
Ideal for new or small brands.

Includes brand consultation, keyword research, logo suite, brand guidelines, a 2-page website with contact and survey forms, Google Analytics setup, a branded social media page, and a banner ad design

Package 2
For businesses with an existing online presence.

A brand and website assessment, keyword research, website improvement suggestions, Google Analytics check, WordPress contact form, social media enhancement, logo and brand guidelines refinement, and a banner ad design.

Package 3
Perfect for updating outdated brands and websites.

Provides comprehensive brand and USP consultation, a new logo suite, professional brand guidelines, a brochure-style WordPress website (up to 10 pages, non-eCommerce), Google Analytics installation, a branded social media page, and a banner ad design.

Package 4
Tailored for adding ecommerce functionality.

Includes all features of Package 3 with the development of an eCommerce website.

What you can look forward to

When we work together, you aren’t just buying advertising space; you’re investing in a partnership. As part of that commitment to delivering results, we’re working on even more ways to bridge the gap between OOH and our digital world.

Monthly dashboard:

Every month you have your OOH with us, we will provide you with a detailed report showing how your campaign is performing. This will take data from Google Analytics, contact forms and social media analytics to give you a true reflection of its impact.

Customised measurement:

We understand that ROI can mean different things for different brands. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or engaging new customer segments, we’ll be able to tailor our measurement metrics to align with your specific goals.

Customised reports

You can tell us what you’d like to see on your dashboard, depending on how you will measure your success. Your reports will be tailored to match your understanding and your goals.

Data-driven insights:

Even if a campaign does not achieve an immediate financial ROI, the data you collect is invaluable. We ensure that every digital aspect of your campaign is measured to inform and optimise your future strategies.

Ready to get more from your advertising spend?

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