Our top ten tips for using an exhibition trailer

Our top ten tips for using an exhibition trailer

Exhibition trailers are a great way of taking a product or service directly to your customers and are perfect for trade shows.  They can be used for merchandising, hospitality, product sampling, product displays, catering and can provide customers with a fully immersive branded experience.

Here are our top 10 tips to bear in mind when considering using an exhibition trailer:

  1. Choosing the right vehicle

There are many different types and sizes of trailer and your choice will depend on your reason for using one, chosen location, event and size of your budget.  With recent technical and logistical advances, trailers can now offer sophisticated equipment, particularly for digital communications.

  1. Highly targeted audience

One of the greatest benefits exhibition trailers offer is the ability to target a specific audience in an exact location. You can travel to that precise location and reach out to new potential customers.

  1. Building relationships

Exhibition trailers provide a platform for engagement and making personal connections with existing and potential customers.  This kind of face-to-face interaction builds trust, which is important for potential customers who may not be familiar with your business and can also build loyalty with your existing customers.

  1. Visual impact

Using a branded exhibition trailer can make a big impact on a visual level and is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Trailers can be designed to mirror your brand, using your logos and corporate colours. They can incorporate all of your brand messages helping to build awareness for your products and services.

  1. Customer insight

Exhibition trailers allow you to get direct feedback from current and potential customers. These insights can be used to develop your current services or help improve future product releases.

  1. Demonstrations and training opportunities

Exhibition trailers are a great space for showcasing your products or for providing on site training.  It is a great opportunity for customers to see, feel and try out your products.

  1. Physical presence

Having a physical presence at an event will set you apart from your competitors making you easy to remember.

  1. Team building

Trailers can be used to provide a training space for staff for businesses, which operate in multiple locations.  You can immerse your staff in a branded experience without the need for them to travel.  Trailers have also been used as a recruitment centre.

  1. Power to maximise ROI

Exhibition trailers can be effective on so many levels, from a visual and branding perspective, to providing an immersive experience for your customers. Used for the right reasons in the right locations, they can really maximise your ROI.