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Drive by Media has a history of renting mobile billboards for marketing campaigns in and around Yorkshire. Whether your business is based in Yorkshire or not, we offer a range of advertising solutions to suit your needs.
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Our mobile billboards can be big, small, dropped off or rented by you to be taken to a location of your choosing. They can be static billboards (towed and dropped off) or moving billboards (drive by) to target potential customers. Most people think of a static billboard but moving billboards are also a very good way to spread your message, particularly in areas of free-flowing traffic during the summer.

Renting a mobile billboard with us couldn’t be simpler. Just get in touch with us to discuss what you need. We can recommend a trailer and size for you, or you can specify what you need based on your artwork. Not sure what size you need? We can send you photos of past projects to give you an idea of what works.

Mobile billboards in Yorkshire that get results


The return you can expect from a mobile billboard in Yorkshire depends on where the billboard is located, the quality of the ad, and the relevancy of the ad to the area or audience you are targeting. We can work with you to recommend text size, font weight and more to maximise your message depending on billboard size.

We are a professional company - one of the most successful in Yorkshire doing what we do - and we guarantee the quality of every mobile billboard we rent out. We keep our mobile billboards clean and maintain them. No expense is spared to ensure your billboard is perfect to put your brand and marketing campaign in the best light.

We have been providing mobile billboards since 2004. We are based in Yorkshire in Lindley, Huddersfield.

We’re a local business you can trust. Call us today on0370 242 2257 to get started.