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    The element of Surprise!

Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy in which a company uses surprise and/or unconventional interactions to promote a product or service.

We can create a campaign for you that is unconventional and designed to catch people unexpectedly in the middle of their normal routine.

The best thing about Guerrilla Marketing is that is does not have to cost a fortune – it can be kept as a low-cost campaign. The real investment is coming up with the creative in the first place, the implementation is usually low cost. The best campaigns repurpose the environment around them and create a bigger impact with something very different from what the audience is used to.

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    There are 4 key subcategories for Guerrilla Marketing

Outdoor – Adding something to the environment – Temporary artwork, chalk on the pavements, even cleaning the pavements.

Indoor -The same as above but inside

Event Ambush – Hijacking an in-progress event, to promote a product or service without knowledge of event sponsor.

Experiential – all of the above but with the aim of interaction between the brand and the public

Case Studies

low cost glasses case study custom crop

Low Cost Glasses

Low Cost Glasses approached us via their agency Modo25 they were looking for a national brand awareness solution to support their digital campaigns across the UK. The high-reach strategy aimed to hit the motorway sites and chose 21 locations on ...
etyres mobile trailer custom crop

Mobile – You Drive – Etyres

Here the client had their own vehicle that was fully branded in their logo, they also wanted to be able to leave the trailer in different locations over the campaign. With our “You Drive” solution the trailer is the clients ...
static trailer advertising custom crop

Static – National – Victorian Plumbing

When Victorian Plumbing made their initial enquiry, they were looking to raise the awareness of their brand as well as support some of the channel sponsorship they were doing on Digital TV Channels. They started with an initial trial of ...

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