How to get the most out of your mobile trailer advertising campaign

Mobile trailer advertising is as good as traditional marketing gets. By putting your selling message in front of potential customers, you influence their shopping trip and buying habits. Whether it’s a sale, grand opening or brand exposure campaign you are working on, mobile trailer advertising is a proven valuable medium.

Getting the most from your mobile trailer advertising campaign is a matter of location and getting the right price. These will directly influence the return you get and the response you get from your customers. Here’s some tips to maximise your campaign:


Mobile trailer advertising offers you the ability to move your advertisement board to different locations. The trailers are towed to a location and locked down, only movable when you or we turn up to move them.

The benefit of this is mobility. Your advertisement won’t be fixed in one place. It can be moved throughout the week, day, or month.

However, you need to know where the best locations are – and they’re not always as obvious as you might think. A town square, for example, may be worse for your ad than at the roadside on the way into town. There’s a few variables to consider with location which we will go into below.

  • Your advertisement: the type of advertisement you have will determine the type of customer it will attract. If you are a luxury bedding store, leaving your mobile trailer in a run-down part of town won’t get anywhere near as good a response than if you were to put it in an up and coming area. If you are located on the M62 westbound and your sign has directions, your sign would be best placed westbound. You get the idea. It’s all about relevancy.
  • Trailer size: small trailers work very well when they are in close proximity to people, such as on the high street or in the town square. However, their small footprint means they are easily missed when driving or cycling by. Larger mobile trailers are best suited to locations on the roadside. Industrial parks also benefit best from large signs because of the amount of businesses operating in them. A larger sign is a sure-fire way to stand out more.
  • Positioning and view: It is a very common mistake for people who hire a mobile trailer to position the trailer wrong. This can mean your potential customers won’t see your advert when you want them to – for example, as they are walking in town, not as they are leaving it. Position is sometimes affected by space, but our experience tells us this can be remedied by inspecting a site location first. This way, you can be sure your sign size is right.

Prices and fees

Of course no mobile trailer advertising campaign is worth it if it doesn’t create a return on investment. The level of return you can expect greatly depends on the advert itself and the positioning of the trailer. But fees play a role too.

Try and find a mobile advertising company that charges a fixed rate for rentals. This way, you will know exactly what each campaign costs.

As a general rule of thumb, in the mobile advertising business, longer slots equal small discounts. You can reasonably expect a few percent off if you extend your advert, or if you take out mobile advertising over a period of time, for example 6 months. You will save this way, although it is only suited to ongoing campaigns.If you are doing a one-off marketing campaign – for example, to promote your recent opening or a limited-time sale – you can save money by taking out more than one mobile trailer at a time. This way you can target two locations. Please keep in mind though that this is subject to demand and popular locations fill up fast.