Designing a HGV Trailer Wrap advertising campaign

HGV trailers are big with a huge blank canvas for you to advertise on. The trailer itself is wrapped in recyclable vinyl which is printed with your own artwork on it.

This can be designed by yourself in-house or with a design agency. The design process remains the same; you use a vehicle template to create 2D visuals of what it will look like and you mock-up a few different versions. You can wrap just the trailer, or the cab and rear of the artic as well for maximum use of space.

Here’s more information about designing a HGV trailer wrap for an advertising campaign:

Establish campaign purpose

Before any trailer wrap design can be sketched, you need to properly establish what the point of the advertising campaign is. Only when you have established this point can you design artwork that’ll appeal to your intended audience.

You should define who your customer is (age, demographic, gender) because this will determine the colour, wordage and look of your advert. You should then consider what can and cannot be said, and what has worked for other businesses in the past – this will enable you to approach the design process informed.

Design process

The design process involves sketching out ideas by hand, looking at previous work examples, and drawing up illustrations in Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC. It is good practice to draw up designs against a template of the trailer or artic in question, so that the designs can be applied to the HGV visually.

The advert should be branded perfectly to fall inline with your existing media (such as websites, brochures, business cards and signage) but you shouldn’t be afraid to play around with interesting fonts outside your usual. On a big print out like a HGV trailer wrap, big, bold fonts always work best to grab people’s attention.

The design time for a HGV trailer wrap is around 8 hours but this can be more if the vinyl itself is intricate or makes use of texture and cutting. If the artic in question does not have a suitable template available, then a few variations of design will be needed to allow for tolerances in design. The HGV trailer should however be measured up before design takes place, to eliminate the possibility of issues.

Printing process

Once the HGV trailer wrap is designed it goes to print. Print work is performed on a digital printer using high quality media, such as MD5A premium self-adhesive gloss white vinyl with protective laminate or Cast Avery 800 886 PC. Printing should be performed in full colour using 8-10 colour inks at 2880dpi, which is the highest photographic quality.

Application / installation

This is the trickiest part! A bad wrap job undoes all the hard work that goes into the design, so it’s important your wrap is installed professionally.

It takes around 10 hours to install wrap to a trailer, and sometimes up to 15 hours if there’s stencil work and pattern work. This will obviously be spread over the course of a couple of days, so the reality is installation takes around 48 to 72 hours. Faster jobs are available but if you rush installation you run the risk of a poor job.

In terms of durability, when installed correctly a trailer wrap will last for years – way longer than your advertising campaign will run. After your advertising campaign is finished, the wrap is removed and sent off to recycling. To find out more about designing a HGV trailer wrap advertising campaign, or to enquire about trailer advertising, please call us on 0370 242 22 57.