Choosing the right format of Static Advertising for your campaign

Static advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways of raising brand awareness, engaging audiences and enabling your advertising campaign messaging to break through. But with so much competition for audience attention in the advertising arena these days, is static advertising the best way to go? And with different types of static advertising available, how do you choose the right format for your campaign?

Here we explain why static advertising matters, and discuss the benefits of different static advertising formats. This way, you can choose the perfect format so your next campaign can bring you maximum success.

Why static advertising is effective

In today’s increasingly digital world, many businesses are spending their entire marketing budgets on online advertising. However, this isn’t always the most effective way of doing things.

As internet users, we have become more and more accustomed to being inundated with adverts online. We can skip over them or train our brains not to notice them, so the brand messaging does not always sink in.

Static advertising is something people cannot fail to notice. When your brand message is plastered large on a billboard in the town centre or on a trailer at the side of a motorway, it automatically draws the eye and focuses the attention. Your message will be more memorable and drive more customers your way.

In addition, static advertising is still extremely cost-effective in comparison to other advertising formats. This means you can enjoy better returns at a fraction of the cost.

So, what are the different types of static advertising, and which is the best to choose for an effective advertising campaign?

1. Billboard advertising

Billboards, or hoardings, are large advertising platforms located on walls, usually in prime locations such as on a main street in a town centre. These are highly effective because they grab the attention of everyone who walks or drives past, giving your brand message time to sink in, and establishing you as a business at the heart of the community.

Billboards are a good form of advertising if you are looking to attract more business from the immediate local area.

2. Motorway advertising

Advertising at the side of the motorway is an extremely effective way of reaching commuters. A static advert in a prime location beside the motorway will generally be looked at for 7 – 10 seconds, which is plenty of time for your messaging to be absorbed.

Motorway campaigns are ideal if you want to attract customers from within a particular area, but wider than a specific town centre. They are also perfect for new businesses launching within easy reach of the motorway.

3. Trailer advertising

An advert on the side of a static trailer can be located anywhere. The beauty of a trailer is that it can be located in one place for as long as you choose, then driven to another spot. This enables you to capture audiences from a wide area, so it is ideal if your business wants to attract a variety of customers from different locations.

Find out more about static advertising

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