42 Locations
41 Month Campaign

Since 1999 Victorian Plumbing has grown to become the UK’s largest online bathroom store.


The online retailing giant approached us in need of outdoor advertising to raise brand awareness in support of a digital TV sponsorship campaign.


With sights set firmly on becoming the UK’s largest online bathroom store, Victorian Plumbing needed exposure at scale. 

We proposed 20 locations nationwide for 12 months, and the impact of the campaign was instant. Three months in, we secured a further 17 locations and extended the campaign to 12 months. 

After significant growth and a new brand identity, we rolled out new designs across all locations to ensure consistency with their televised activity.

At the height of the campaign, the brand had 42 locations up and down the country. 41 months and billions of impressions later, the pipe dream had become a reality.

4,269,879 per day
29,889,153 per week
129,519,663 per month
4,523,656,592 To date

Campaign Results