3 Locations
38 Month Campaign

Made in the heart of Yorkshire, SolarFrame windows, doors, and conservatories help thousands of people transform their homes.


SolarFrame wanted to drive traffic towards their showroom between Doncaster and Rotherham, using billboards that matched their existing campaigns.


Because SolarFrame already had several adverts live elsewhere, our solution had to be both size-specific and strategically located.

This did limit what we could offer, but with some perseverance, we secured 3 ideal locations in high-traffic areas just south of Leeds. As a major hub for Yorkshire and the North of England, Leeds gives SolarFrame the regional presence and brand awareness they are looking for.

The campaign was so cost-effective, that SolarFrame asked us to help them offload their other outdoor locations. We sold 2 of those locations on short-term contracts which made the end result even better.

330,264 per day
2,311,848 per week
10,018,008 per month
380,684,304 To date

Campaign Results