30 Locations
12 Month Campaign

As the UK’s leading online bullion dealer, Bullion By Post makes it easy to buy, sell, and invest in precious metals.


The gold and silver giant approached us to help bolster their market-leading position. To do this, they needed to captivate commuters at key locations across England.


We worked with BBP to select thirty sites, strategically positioned to ensure widespread coverage. Our approach would allow drivers to pass multiple locations on their daily commute. 

The plan was to rotate distinct banner designs at each location, orchestrating a visual narrative that unfolded month by month. As the campaign progressed, we spotted the opportunity for BBP to expand to new locations as they became available.

Seven months in, you could find BBP in high-traffic locations from London and Bristol to Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, and York.

In a strategic move to save on printing costs, we agreed to move their banners from site to site after one month live. The benefits were mutual, helping us to better manage our availability and increase their brand presence nationwide.

The figures below underscore the campaign’s success, achieving substantial reach and influence. Huge thank you to Bullion By Post for inviting us on their prospecting journey.

3,608,852 per day
25,261,964 per week
109,468,511 per month
1,313,622,128 to date

Campaign Results