4 Locations
1 Day Campaign

What3Words makes finding precise locations easy, labelling every 3m square on earth with a unique three word code.


Advertise Yodel’s ability to deliver to remote locations using What3Words, in a joint brand campaign with a difference.


What3Words and Yodel had teamed up to make delivering to Britain’s rural addresses easy. This challenge was interesting because it was not the usual brief of ‘we want as many of our target audience to see it as possible’.

In many ways, it was the opposite. What3Words wanted to place ads in picturesque locations where only a select few would encounter them – but there was a method in the madness.

These unusual locations would host a series of photoshoots, forming the basis of a joint brand campaign that celebrates Britain’s hard-to-find addresses.

Our roadside locations would not be suitable, so to get the best results we proposed a mobile trailer with two adverts that we could tow far and wide.

This approach allowed for more flexibility and gave the client a range of stunning video content and photography to choose from.

This clever use of out-of-home advertising resulted in a cost-effective campaign that worked online and off – and one very happy client.

“The drivebymedia team were very accommodating, understood our objective and were very flexible when we had to move the campaign by a few months”

Jessica McCready, What3Words