Adbikes part of marketing strategy

Ad Bikes – why they should be part of your marketing strategy

Advertising bikes or ad bikes offer a great advertising opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses looking to increase sales and build brand awareness in their local communities. Campaigns using ad bikes are affordable, flexible and easy to execute so are perfect for SMEs.

Studies show that ad bikes are very effective in achieving the call to action whether that is an increase in sales or increase in footfall at an event. They can communicate faster, more effectively and with greater flexibility than most other types of advertising.

What are ad bikes?

Ad bikes act as a mobile billboard and can be pedalled, pushed or parked into agreed locations to target areas of high footfall in your chosen target market.

What are ad bikes most suited to?

Ad bikes are perfect for a whole range of marketing activities including;

- Local events such as concerts, conferences or exhibitions
- Store openings and sales
- Product launches
- Product sampling

Essentially, if you’re looking to increase awareness or sales for a product or service from a specific community or you want to publicise a local event, bike advertising can deliver immediate results. They work well as you can get to areas other forms of advertising can’t reach, such as pedestrianised areas or shopping centres to reach shoppers and commuters.

It is worth noting that the number of people living in urban areas is still growing and therefore provides an easy to reach audience consistently throughout the day.

Added benefits

As well as being a great opportunity to produce eye-catching visuals, with clear brand messages, ad bikes can offer some other added benefits.

You can dress the rider in branded clothing; ask the rider to hand out flyers or samples. You could even brief them to ask and answer questions about your product or service and we can also put audio systems on board to convey your message and add impact.

Ad bikes can therefore be really effective in reaching certain goals. As with all marketing activity, having SMART objectives is the key to success and utilising any form of advertising is just one part of the plan. We can work with you on your plan and ensure you maximise your investment.